-IYIY- is a French artist working around concepts and techniques such as gestural paintinglyrical abstractiontachismeaction painting, color field painting,  abstract expressionism and dripping.

Her works are done in acrylic on canvas or wooden panel, mainly focused on the work of color and material and draw their inspiration from great masters like Georges Mathieu, Jackson Pollock, Zao Wou-Ki, Sam Francis, Hans Hartung, Mark Rothko, Jean-paul Riopelle, Wols, Joan Mitchell and Nicolas de Staël. After studiying visual arts and art history, and exhibiting in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy, -IYIY- is now based in Barcelona & Brussels.

What about -IYIY-‘s name and how to pronounce it ? 

Behind this artist pseudonym hides a young woman whom those around her always called… Lyly.

Read my article « About painting » to learn more about my approach of painting.